I live in California, USA. I went to school at CSU Monterey Bay where I majored in Telecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing. Basically a fancy name for Computer Science. I however did not pursue a career in Computer Science at that time because I was scared of being a minority in a male dominated field. I pursued other interests at that time. I became a licensed pilot and did some flight instructing at different flight schools in my area. Because I was a single mother of 2 I did not go to work as an airline pilot so I went back to computer science as I still enjoyed it but I felt rusty.

Coding History
I still didn’t want to go to a big company to do coding so instead I got an opportunity to teach coding at a local Community College where I have been for the past 4 years. I started instructing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Swift to children aged 8 to 17. After some time I moved up to program coordinator and now manager for the K12 STEM programs. I know the basics really well as teaching them does that to you but I feel that with the experience I have I can pursue something different and closer to what I wanted to do way back when I graduated from college.

I love to read. I read anything that sounds interesting whether it be fantasy, fiction, a biography. I read so much that my own kids call me a nerd.nerd-face

I also like to fly airplanes so when I need to get away I rent an airplane and fly away.

I can’t stop teaching or pretending to teach, so right now my biggest project is my blog where I talk about how I learned React and what I am still going through.
My other projects are on my website at https://thecoderpilot.com/ These are just smaller projects that I have been working on as I have been learning.
My passion project however isn’t done and I work on it when I learn something new. This one can be found at https://thecoderpilot.com/STEM_Women/ We need to have more women in Tech and I feel that showcasing the many talented women that have contributed is one way to start.