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Open Source Contributing Day 1

What's next after tutorials and building projects? I think that it's making contributions to open source projects. I have no idea how to do it, but I want to and that is motivation enough to figure out how and to actually do it. Follow me as I learn how to do so.

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Before you dive into React learn a few more Javascript items.

Working on react these past few weeks I have to warn you that before you move on to the React make sure you are comfortable working with the following concepts. The reason I am saying this is because I learned this the hard way. I knew Javascript or so I thought. I knew V5 of… Continue reading Before you dive into React learn a few more Javascript items.

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Styling a React App

As if working on the functionality of an web application wasn't enough, you are also expected to style it and make it look nice. I had the hardest time figuring out the easiest but also the "appropriate" way of doing so. Searching around the internet I couldn't find something to tell me this is the… Continue reading Styling a React App

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Lifecycle of a Component in React

There's a lot going on with a component that we don't realize, but before we get into it we need to discuss a term and that is mounting. You might remember from our initial discussion on React that React works with virtual DOMs that update the real DOM as needed.  Mounting is the process of converting… Continue reading Lifecycle of a Component in React

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Day 6: What Makes React Interactive.

It's not good practice to have a powerful tool like React and not take advantage of of it's power. In our Twitter Timeline that we created yesterday we hard coded all the information in ourselves, which defeats the purpose of using React, we could've done the same thing much faster with simple HTML. So let's… Continue reading Day 6: What Makes React Interactive.