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Open Source Contributing Day 1

I’ve done so many tutorials and I have created some projects but I think it’s time to move on to something new.


And that would be to contribute to open source projects. I have contributed to projects but only to their read me files in the form of typo fixes or adding content to the free code camp repository. I want to do a bit more work especially to their code.

I started off a few days ago reading tons of articles and watching videos on how to contribute to open source projects. There are so many resources out there it’s incredible. One thing that they all had in common is that using Git and Github is pretty much an integral part of it.

I have used git and github in the past but only on my own projects.

I could initialize a project add, commit and upload to github no problem but that’s it. The articles were talking about pulling, branching, merging.

giphy (1)

These are all terms that I have read and somewhat have a vague understanding of but haven’t used so that in itself scared me. I needed to do this somehow and not get in trouble doing so. Luckily I found the Learning Paths from GitHub Learning Labs.  I did first day on GitHub and first week on GitHub. These are a compilation of small courses designed to get comfortable with the workings of GitHub and using pulls, merges and creating branches. Exactly what I needed to contribute to projects. I would highly recommend you try them if you too feel overwhelmed with GitHub.

Day 1 pretty much consisted of me getting comfortable with GitHub.


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