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React Native Flashcard App from Scratch Part 3-Struggles and Final Product

My app is finished but not yet posted on the app store. I have it on my phone but as I was playing around with it. I think I want to make some more changes.

But let’s go back to the creation of this app. I got the layout all done and I got the data to go into the app but I wasn’t quite sure how navigation worked with react native. I read some articles and I watched a few videos and I thought I had it all figured out until I tried to implement it. I decided to do what “real” developers do and read the documentation. I pulled up the react native documentation on my ipad and was following along on my computer. I got it installed and added to my project. Then things went south, the example had all the code for the navigation on one page and I didn’t want to start adding more than I needed to mine. I figured that I could somehow split it up on its own, I did but it took 2 days to get it to work. But it worked and that’s all I care about.

With the navigation working it was time to make sure it was all connected properly and everything was working the way I imagined it would. It was!!!!


That was by far the best feeling ever.

I learned a lot from making this little app. With the basics in place it’s a much better way to learn than to just keep following tutorials. It’s necessary to struggle, those struggles helped me learn more. Because I had to go around and find answers I know I can do it again.

Thanks for reading.

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