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Reading Apple Docs to Better Understand CoreData Part 2

After a bit of a snafoo on how to start reading the docs, I think I got it figured out, at least for now. We will see as I keep going learning about The Core Data Model and what it is and how it works.

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What are Delegates and Protocols?

As I am preparing for my first iOS job and studying for interviews. One area that I feel a bit intimidated by is the idea of protocols and delegates. They seem to always be connected but are they really can we use one without the other? I think we can but then why are they… Continue reading What are Delegates and Protocols?

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Lambda School – iOS Development Bootcamp – Week 14 & 15

This sprint was titled, Intermediate Swift. That got me thinking so everything we had done for the past 13 weeks was all beginning swift. There is so much to learn about this, yikes!! But it's ok I can get through this. We started off learning about swift generics, luckily I had done some reading and… Continue reading Lambda School – iOS Development Bootcamp – Week 14 & 15