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Reading Apple Docs to Better Understand CoreData

I will be going through the Apple Docs to get a better understanding of how CoreData works. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge because I haven’t read official documentation before. I have read tutorials and I have written some myself but this I feel will be a bit of a learning curve. But like with everything else we won’t know until we try it. So let’s jump in and start reading what apple has to say about CoreData. If you want to follow along with me I will be reading the Swift and Objective C docs that can be found here and here respectively.


The overview page gives us a rough idea of how Core Data can be used. It can be used to store information on a single device or it can be used along with CloudKit and synced across multiple devices. Core Data can help with data syncing as it can be used as a data source. The last thing the docs say is that it can be used for data versioning and migration.

There wasn’t anything too exciting or new on this first page, what I did find interesting and would like to try is the shake option to undo changes.

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