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Lambda School – iOS Development Bootcamp – Week 3 & 4

holeBy the end of this sprint I felt like I was walking on a nice paved street when all of a sudden I just fell into a hole and couldn’t climb back up. Let me explain what happened.

The sprint started off at a good pace we built on what we learned the previous two weeks by building an app and then learning about auto layout. So week 3 was good I was feeling confident but then we got into protocols and reviewing in preparation for the first lesson I thought to myself “Oh this doesn’t seem to be so hard” This should just be a continuation of the past few lessons.



Big Picture:

You could say that a protocol defines rules or “requirements”, such as functions and properties. Other classes can then adopt those rules, and provide an actual implementation. Any class that satisfies the rules of a protocol, is said to conform to that protocol.

Sounds easy enough, basically a way to write rules that you want others to use (conform) to.

Using Protocols

This part is still a bit fuzzy and will take some practice with it. I will continue to study this and will do a tutorial as soon as I can find an easy way to implement them. For now I have the steps of how to use them and I can usually cut and paste the code from one project to another and modify accordingly.


I am not giving up it’s just going to take some work and repetition of the concept for it to make sense. I got through it by knowing what I needed to do and being able to understand the big picture.

Coding is frustrating at times but being able to get through that frustration and then using the concept in another project is beyond rewarding that it gives you the strength to continue when the next frustration comes up.


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