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Lambda School – iOS Development Bootcamp – Week 8 – BUILD WEEK 2

This is the end of build week and I can’t believe how much we accomplished as a team. During the first week we got the functionality of the app complete which gave us the second week to add additional features to our app.

We were able to add

  • Option to pick between dark and light theme
  • Add a graph API from
  • Share the motivational quote image via social media
  • Reminder to use the app and record your mood

We used tools and skills that we hadn’t yet learned in class such as:

  • Observers and Notifications
  • Networking with the quote API
  • Adding buttons programmatically
  • Manipulating data as it’s aded via delegates and protocols as well as observers

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I learned so much these past two weeks and my confidence has gone just ridiculously high. I am so excited to learn some more and to see what else I can build in the upcoming months.

Here is a demo of our app.

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