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Lambda School – iOS Development Bootcamp – Week 12 & 13

After a very discouraging two weeks, we moved on to learning CoreData. It was very refreshing to learn something new that didn’t involve any design. Core Data was in no way easy but it was easier than programmatic UI design, Core graphics and animations.

Core Data

CoreData to me was like working with databases. I know it’s not a database but it helped me make sense of what was going on. Core Data allows us to save, track, modify and filter the data within our iOS app. The really interesting thing that we did was that we used Core Data with Firebase which was the database itself to store out data and be able to share the data with others.

These two weeks really helped me feel like I could build something of some substance and I was very happy to have learned what I did and to keep learning. I am one step closer to building my own personal app that will hopefully be on the app store at some point.


For a really good overview of what core data is and how it works check out this article by Daniel Eggert of

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