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1st Month as a Boot Camp Student

So I finally did it. I applied to Bloc and I am an official student enrolled in a bootcamp.


My first day was April 7th. I knew that the first few days would be mainly review as I have been learning on my own for the past few months. So I figured that if I just push through the review areas now I can spend more time in the areas that were not familiar to me.

I was able to finish the first module out of 4 in one month. This was mostly in part to all the work I have done in the past. Code School, Free Code Camp, Skillcrush, Random books and Medium articles. Completing this gave me much needed confidence to continue learning.

The first Module was Fundamentals of  HTML, CSS, Javascript. Learning about Version control with Git and GitHub. Plus a high level knowledge of API’s, Problem Solving and Algorithms.  It was a lot to go over,  and the only areas where I needed to slow down were Javascript Closures and Inheritance. I had read about them a bit before but never really understood them enough.

I will be writing about closures and inheritance in a future article to try and understand it better. With my previous experience as an educator I have learned that the best way to truly understand something is to try and teach it to someone else. I plan to continue writing about my experiences at Bloc and about what I am learning in my journey to becoming a Web Developer.

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