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6 Month Journey to Full Stack Dev (Week 2 – 4)

Day 7 March 10, 2018: Just as I got done saying that I feel super confident I go and make a super silly mistake. I was trying to do the linking between my HTML, CSS, and JS files without looking it up and I used href instead of src for my js file and then I wondered why it wasn’t working. I thought it was my code but no that was surprisingly well written. When I realized what I had done, well…


Day 12 March 14, 2018: I learned something that will make life easier with loops today. I learned to use the forEach function. Instead if doing a for loop and doing the whole set up

for(var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {…}

I can do a for each

arr.forEach(function(element) {…});

It makes for easier code.

Day 13 March 15, 2018:


Just when I think I am making great progress. Up comes something that makes me say “Whaaaaat???” And that would be nested objects. I don’t know what exactly tripped me up but something did. I gave up for the day because well I can only try so much in one day.

Day 14 March 16, 2018: I am away for a conference and I just couldn’t get the idea of how or why I would ever need to nest and object inside of an array but after a shower and a hot cup of coffee everything is possible even understanding objects and being able to nest them inside Arrays. The best thing was being able to write a simple movie database.

I am starting to think that Coffee is a miracle brain booster.

Day 15 – 16 March 17 – 18, 2018: I still did some coding but I attended the Women in Tech conference in San Francisco. This couldn’t have come at a better time as this was the perfect motivation to keep learning everyday and be able to join these women at a future conference as a woman in tech myself.

Day 20 March 20, 2018: I did it!!

high five

I would say about 90% was just me and I had to watch 10% for help. I think that’s pretty good. I want to use it as a portfolio piece so I need ideas on how to expand on it. … feel free to leave ideas or email me at

Day 24 March 29, 2018: I finished the javascript and jQuery section of the course and I decided to apply what I learned to my personal project which can be found at This is a constant work in progress that I will continue to work on and change as I learn more.


Day 29 April 3, 2018: In under one month I finished the front end section of the course. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and how much I was able to do. Next month will be all new as I start learning the back end of websites.

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