Journey, React

Learning React and not really learning

I started the React part of my journey with Bloc a week ago and although I get the big picture of why react is great I can’t get my head to wrap around how it works and that is making learning it so difficult.

When I was learning how to fly there were many different concepts and ideas that were difficult and I knew enough to get me through scenarios and to be able to pass exams but it wasn’t enough. I would talk to my peers and to any instructor that I would find and try to get them to explain it and I thought I finally got it but then a week later I would come across it again and it still didn’t click. It wasn’t until I was preparing to be a flight instructor and had to start writing my sample curriculum that those concepts start making sense and it was because I was looking at how I can explain to someone how to do the maneuver or why weather happened that I finally understood it.

So I am going to take that same approach to learning React I am going to try and learn it in a way that I can explain it to someone else that is also trying to learn React. Stay tuned, for in the next few days I will be writing about React in hopes to learn it myself and help others learn it too.

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