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The iPhone app that Google and I built

My first complete app from concept to finished product all by myself. I struggled, I cried, I laughed, I got super excited and I repeated this several times over and over again, but it was worth it.

Bootcamp, iOS Development, Lambda School, Projects, Swift

Building an iOS app using an API

Here's my plan to build an app that uses the cocktail DB API which can be found at . I choose this API because it's free, I don't plan on posting this app on the Apple Store so they allow free use for educational purposes. It also has different endpoints and this is great… Continue reading Building an iOS app using an API

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React Native Flashcard App from Scratch Part 1-Idea

Have you ever had a brilliant idea super early in the morning. I just did. I have been wanting to work on an actual personal project that didn't come from a tutorial but didn't know what to make. Finally it came to me. Read about my idea and follow along as I continue to build it from an idea to an actual working app.